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The Atrium Society Directors

Jean Webster-Doyle, APET, MAPTT
Founder and President of the Atrium BioCognetic Learning Center
Executive Director of the Brave New Child Peace Museum

Jean Webster-Doyle, APET, MAPTT, is a BioCogneticist*. She is the founder and President of the Atrium Society and was the founder of the Atrium School. Jean Webster-Doyle was educated at Sarah Lawrence College, New York University and University of Madrid. She has traveled worldwide educating people about the causes of conflict in the conditioned way we think and has co-created numerous books and programs on the subject. She is a Master Teacher and Trainer in Youth Peace Literacy and Martial Art for Peace Mental Self-Defense. Jean Webster-Doyle is also a Yoga teacher and the creator of Metamorphosis Training Seminars and Harmonious Mind Yoga. She was a teacher of Prenatal Therapy for mentally handicapped children and the Creator and Editor of the Taking Time Newsletter about understanding the conditioned mind. She was also the Director of the Rainy Mountain Outdoor Education School and Co-Director of the Atrium School, a unique educational environment based on the necessity to understand psychological, prejudicial conditioned thinking as the basis for an intelligent life.

Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle
Director of the Atrium BioCognetic Learning Center
Education Director of the Brave New Child Peace Museum

Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyle is a BioCogneticist*. He is a respected educator in the field of Bully/Victim Cycle from the "playground to the battlefield" having written numerous internationally acclaimed, award winning literary works for young people and adults that focus on understanding what prevents peace – prejudicial conditioned thinking emanating from the primitive biological brain.

Dr. Webster-Doyle has won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Literary Award 10 times and created the first major book on bullying, Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me? A Guide to Handling Bullies, which has been a highly acclaimed, international best seller. Dr. Webster-Doyle's Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Award winner Fighting the Invisible Enemy – Understanding the Effects of Conditioning was published in Russia by Detskaya Maya and serialized to all the teachers throughout the country in 1988.

Due to his pioneering work in the field of BioCognetics the International School of Advanced Research in Cultural Studies gave Dr. Webster-Doyle the title of Honorary Professor of Samara State Institute of Culture, Samara Russia. 

Dr. Webster-Doyle's Literary Works

for Adults for Youth for Teachers Acclaims

Honorary Professor of Samara State Institute of Culture, Samara Russia Diploma
Post Cards for Peace
from Samara State University, Samara Russia

*BioCognetics:  Empirical enquiry into the origin of human conflict created by cognitive-emotive-bio-reactive conditioning emanating from the primitive biological brain.